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Beneficiaries Cash distributions


Cash App has provided the organizations with the effective, comfortable and secure solutions to pay and distribute money immediately to a large number of individuals throughout Yemen electronically and simultaneously. whether it’s for once, many times or periodically, and Cash Distribution service saves financial costs resulted from the traditional methods payment.


The Cash Payments service pays money immediately to electronic wallet that belongs to beneficiaries,. So the beneficiaries can receive money and save it in his wallet or cash from Cash agents that they are throughout Republic of Yemen


Cash wallet holder can transfer money from his wallet to another wallet , pay bills , good and electronic products purchases ,recharge phone balance and get benefits from all available services.


Companies can utilize this service to distribute employee salaries or any type of payments periodically or at determined date and time. In addition, humanitarian organizations can distribute financial grants to beneficiaries even in remote and isolated areas.


Why would I use financial distribution service from Cash :


  • Firm technology platform system :

       Cash is currently using a firm technology system in 54 countries around the world and the number its users is 120 million that achieving 999% and it is supported by global data recover centers.

  • Effective financial transfer process:

       Cash prepares a simple and effective process to transfer money immediately to beneficiaries, so the system transfers money electronically from private businesses wallet of your organization or          company to beneficiaries  wallet, and every beneficiary delivers the message immediately on his phone to confirm.

  • Secure system & different transfers:

       Cash provides you with the highest level of global security to feel comfort when you transfer money to companies and individuals without trouble.

  • Verification of user identity:

       And ensure financial processes before performing.

  • Extensive coverage:

      Cash provides thousands of approved agents throughout Yemen and it is so easy to find their location, so you can know the nearest approved center through Cash App, in addition, Cash provides         approved centers in specific areas upon request.

  • Detailed and accurate reports:

       Cash provides you with detailed and accurate report depending on the requirements of your work to monitor the results of the financial distribution and send the detailed statements via email.

  • Cash provides you with developed communication mechanisms to inform beneficiaries about payment date to confirm receipt of payments, answer the requests and complaints 24 hours a day then contact them in need through free number 8000333

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