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Bills Creation & payment


Through creating bills feature, the merchant can request money from his customers in a fast and easy way while the client can display the bills and pay them


Creating a bill:


  • The merchant selects Purchases icon and Create bill
  • The merchant enters customer phone number wanted to issue the bill to, and writes the amount
  • The merchant identifies the bill expiry date(optional),writing a statement which explains the purpose from the bill.  
  • After pressing OK, the notification appears that the transaction was successful and two messages will be sent once to merchant and other to customer


Bill payments:


  • The customer displays the bills through Cash app and chooses Purchases icon _ bills and all bills will appear to customer
  • When you press on the bill that you want to pay, all details will appear, then click on confirm.
  • A notification will appear in App that the transaction was successful ,and two messages will be sent once to customer  and other to merchant  about transaction details


*You can also  pay bill by Cash Service Agent

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