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Cash Transfers


You can transfer and receive money to / from anyone in comfortable, secure and effective way , to/from all governorates and many small villages .


Transfer types:


1)Transfer : This feature allows to transfer money to any user “customer” in this service

2)Transfer between my account: This feature allows to transfer money between the customer different accounts in Cash Wallet

3)Transfer to bank account or to other wallet : This feature allows to transfer money to bank accounts or accounts in other wallets.

4) Send remittance(money transfer) : This feature allows to transfer money to anyone “not user” and receive money by Transfer number from the nearest approved agent in Cash service


 Using method:


1)   The customer selects Cash Transfers through App + selects any type of cash transfers [ Transfer , Transfer between my accounts , Send remittance(money transfer)  , Transfer to bank accounts or other wallet]

2)   The customer fills the required details for each type of cash transfer then confirms process

3)    After confirmation, the customer receives immediate notification about transaction details


*In addition, persons who travel continuously and don’t want to carry money, they can use this service and send money to themselves then deliver it in another city in Yemen

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Cash Transfers

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