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Companies & Merchants Features

Features of companies & Merchants :


CASH E-wallet  offers companies, private and governmental institutions a variety of solutions and electronic services that meet all their requirements and help them support, develop and facilitate their businesses:

  • Get your money from your customers in a safe and fast way by creating and paying invoices.
  • Exchange between different currencies in the wallet at competitive rates. Increase your customers by providing a secure and fast payment method as well as offers and discounts via the wallet.
  • Get advertising space through the application and social media platforms for the cash wallet.
  • Connect your branches and track operations at each branch level of your place.
  • Fast and secure for you and your employees to pay their salaries through the wallet with the click of a button.
  • Withdraw your money in cash with financial limits that suit your business.
  • Send and receive your remittances internally and externally.



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