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Money Cash in & Cash out

No need to carry the money in your wallet, Now you can cash in /out from cash wallet by visiting any approved agent in cash service throughout Republic of Yemen.



Money Cash in:

1)     You can cash in the money that you want in Cash Wallet by visiting the nearest approved service agent .

2)     The client delivers the amount to the service agent after deposit process the client can utilize the amount in cash wallet and enjoy with all               various financial services via cash app.

Money Cash out:

You can cash out the amount you want from Cash Wallet by visiting the nearest approved service agent and use one of two ways:


 1)     select cash out, and write the amount and abbreviated number of service agent, and the agent will confirm the request of cash out then                 deliver the amount to him


 2)     Request the amount that you want to cash out directly from cash service agent where the agent performs the request and the client                    receives a code for confirmation in text message and  gives it to the agent to complete cash out process and to deliver the amount.


*You can enjoy the provided services from Cash Wallet through App or SMS if there is no internet service .

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