The event of Programming is the Eye of the Future

Cash e-wallet participated in the event of the We Are All Creative Organization for Development Technology for Programming and Entrepreneurship under the title “Programming is the Eye of the Future” in the presence of the Prime Minister and a number of ministers in Sana’a, November 28, 2021


The Programming and Entrepreneurship event, which was established by the We Are All Innovators of Development Technology Organization in partnership with the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Information Technology Center at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and lasted for two days.


The participants discussed working papers on the definition of programming and its importance to the individual and society and the basic steps to reach professional programming, how to build projects and study the gap between universities and the labor market, in addition to programmers’ obstacles and causes of shortcomings in Yemen and the technical infrastructure, the Internet and others. And how to build software projects, programming, entrepreneurship, and enhance confidence in new applications, consulting and software solutions.


His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and the Executive Director of the organization also honored the ministries, institutions, sponsoring agencies and participation from the public and private sectors that contributed to the success of this event, including Cash e-wallet.


At the end of the event, grants were distributed and entrepreneurs were honored by the Technology Society Center for Training and Consultation, which provided more than 60 training grants to entrepreneurs in programming, mobile applications, web applications and artificial intelligence. The organization also honored entrepreneurs for 17 grants provided by Al-Amal Microfinance Bank through a project Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion for the European Union and Silatech. Ten programmers were also honored with training diplomas for mobile and computer maintenance and programming, and an English language diploma offered by the American Applied Institute.



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