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Salaries payment


To facilitate the payment of salaries. Cash adds a new feature that is good to pay where the distribution of money is done electronically through the system, and it contains all the details of the employee and their salaries to make it easier to the commercial institutions to pay salaries for thousands of employees in seconds and in a more accurate , easy and secure manner and only by clicking a button.


How Does Salaries Distribution Service Do?


There are two methods:


First Method:

  • The commercial institution provides Cash wallet with a list of its employees' salaries in Excel file included the name, amount and account number with formal message.
  • Cash Wallet takes a list of salaries through the system ,and in a few moments sends the salaries to employee accounts , which discounted from the institution account in the wallet
  • All employees will receive messages about their salaries that cashed  in their accounts in the wallet .

Second Method:

  • Cash Wallet gives the institution a link that is special to salaries system , name of user and password.
  • The institution enters through the link to salaries system and prepares employees data in Excel file including the name, the amount and account number .
  • Enter to “Administrator “and then “patch file” then choose Excel file, click on “loading”
  • Salaries will be credited to employees accounts in the wallet within seconds ,and  message will be received to all employee about their salaries .

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