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Security Tips

Security tips for app users

Deactivate the option to download applications from unknown sources.

Most malicious software comes through applications spread on the Internet of unknown source, as the user usually downloads through unreliable links or application stores.

Make sure to install the applications through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store

Deactivate it through Settings, then General, then Security, and search for the “Unknown sources” option, then remove the “check” from the small box next to the option. 

Upgrade your mobile system version.

Older versions, more than three years old, do not use data encryption, which can lead to data breaches and theft.

Update the system version of your mobile phone constantly, through the Settings option, then General, About device, Software update.

Note: The user must charge the mobile well before starting the update in order to avoid an interruption that may cause the program to malfunction.

Download an anti-malware app

Due to the spread of malware on the Internet, and the ease of transmission on mobile phones through the exchange of files and applications via the Internet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you must install one of the famous protection applications, which are provided by most anti-virus companies for mobile phones. 

Avoid connecting to unsecured open Wi-Fi networks.

Some hackers, by opening wireless networks to the public, are trying to hunt users, by exchanging data, especially the users of old versions as the hacker tries to make your phone a platform to attack other phones and take control of your mobile phone remotely.

Use chrome browser

The Chrome browser, which is affiliated with Google, is characterized by a high level of security, and it is considered one of the most secure browsers and it is recommended to use it, as it is included in the Android version automatically without the need to install any additional browsers. 

Put a lock on the start screen of your mobile phone

This simple step is very important, and every user who is concerned about security should set a lock for his phone screen, by following these steps: Settings, then Device Settings, then Lock screen, select a method to protect the screen, and write the password or select the pattern, then Confirm. 

Protect your apps with a password

The personal and private information in the phone can be protected by locking a specific application or folder and setting a password. 

Do not save passwords on your mobile phone

Most applications, especially social networking and chat applications such as: Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Skype, in addition to social networking pages and e-mail save passwords to facilitate access to them automatically, but this is very dangerous. In the event that the device falls into a strange hand, it can control all your accounts, see your information and exchanged messages, so be sure not to agree to save the password, and sign out when the work is finished. 


General Security Tips

  • Make sure to create a password for your mobile phone and make sure that it is unique and not easily guessed.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Do not save passwords on your mobile phone.
  • Do not make the password consist of repeated or consecutive numbers.
  • Do not make your password based on personal information.

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